Community Building

Community Alive Campaign
The Organisation Team in collaboration with Rural Affairs Institute for Development organises weekly community alive campaign to localities creating awareness on development strategies. The Community Audit conducted, analysed and recommended steps are made. The overall goal is to make community development and investment ready.

Enhancing Inclusive Rural Economy
The organisationpromote activities that rural inclusion in the Global economy. These includes:

Marketing Rural

Buying Services
The Organisation engage local Entrepreneurs on various economic products, skills and advantages in the community and provide such necessary technology and marketing linkages to benefit the community.

Selling Services
The Organisation also sells project to Local Entrepreneurs in which community advantage and economic viability is already established.

The organisation ensures friendly environment for possible investors.

Contact Information

153, Ikpoba Slope, Benin City,Nigeria
Phone: +234 805 673 4637
Office: +234 52 293 777 (Office Hour)