Program Team and Contact

Andrew Oshogwe - CEO
Andrew is a Rural Development Strategist and a Certified Microfinance Practitioner He is responsible for Policies fomulation and implementation.
Telephone : +2349023451790. E-mail:

Glory Imhabekhai (Mrs.) - Program Manager
Glory is a Trained Manager. She oversees the operations of the NGO and the Promotion of the Rural SDGs Programs.
Telephone : +2347059321326. E-mail:

Charity Efoghe - Head, Microfinance
Charity is a trained Microfinace Operator with many years of field operations. She is responsible for the Organisation's Clients Management.
Telephone : +2349036344989. E-mail:

Naomi Ovbiaghele - Program Officer
Naomi is a trained Microbiologist with penchant for community health. She is responsible for the overall community health care programs.
Telephone : +2349038168605. E-mail:

Lucky Evayabore - Coordinator, Cooperatives
Lucky is trained in Accountancy and wide range of knowledge as financial Advisor. He is responsible for the Coordination of the overall activities of the Rural Group Cooperatives.
Telephone : +2349037219275. E-mail:

Grace Aniekwe - Data Officer
Grace is the Data Officer of the Organisation. With training and skills in information and data management, Grace is responsible for program history and schedules..
Telephone : +2348132818168. E-mail:

Contact Information

153, Ikpoba Slope, Benin City,Nigeria
Phone: +234 805 673 4637
Office: +234 52 293 777 (Office Hour)